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LIFE IN FULL is an exciting seminar that shapes the next 30-years for Boomers. New York Times #1 Bestselling author team of Richard and Linda Eyre are presenting this exclusive 4- day, 3-night all-inclusive seminar and get-away for those who know the best in life is yet to come. Focusing on Character, Health, Wealth, Spirituality, and Family Relationships, “Life in Full” provides practical applications to maximize your longevity and legacy. 
How Are You Planning to Make the Most of the next 20-30 Years of Your Life?
Chances are you did a three- or four-year degree or other form of apprenticeship to set up your professional life. What investment will you make to prepare for the next and best years of your life?
Richard and Linda Eyre

The Eyres, whose NYT-bestselling books have been translated into 12 languages and sold over a million copies, have appeared on CBS, The Today Show, and Oprah and around the world. 

Now, they’ve made Zermatt Utah their teaching home, and they’re eager to help you discover the life that awaits you in your autumn years.
Think about an exhilarating learning experience in 2017 at Zermatt Utah, where the Eyres, will be sharing their life-changing seminar to help Baby Boomers fully thrive over the next 20-30 years of their lives.

The “Life in Full” seminar offers a close look at the inner and outer components of life in the autumn years. It reveals how to make the best of the time to come in terms of longevity, health and wellness, legacy, family, possessions, and “Life-Balance.” 

At this exclusive seminar you will meet in person with the Eyres at one of the world’s most unique conference and learning centers, nestled in a quiet valley in the beautiful Utah Rockies.

Learning in nature is better for your brain, according to a 2008 study conducted by University of Michigan researchers. 
“Simple and brief interactions with nature can produce marked increases in cognitive control” 
Meaning your brain is hardwired to grow and focus better in nature rather than urban settings. This is one of the reasons why the Eyres, who have lectured all around the world for decades, have chosen Zermatt Utah as home base for teaching Life in Full. 

The Eyres’ empowering messages and actionable takeaways, paired with the special ambience of Zermatt Utah make the Life in Full seminar an ideal gift to you — to help you stay happy, healthy, and connected as you embark on one of the most gratifying stages of your life.
Luxury Retreat and Seminar at Zermatt Utah
The Zermatt Utah resort is a quiet haven where Swiss meets West, a beautiful getaway where first-time visitors are regularly overheard saying, “I had no idea!” At this four-star conference resort, you’ll receive world-class food, service, and access to an array of activities to help you put the Life in Full live-in experience directly into practice.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle at the fitness center and unwind afterwards in the pool and hot tub. Find serenity at the spa with your pick of various massage packages, body and facial treatments. The opportunity to savor a fine meal isn’t far, with Z’s Chop & Steakhouse, a Swiss-style bakery onsite and the Wildfire Smokehaus.

Guests of various interests and ability levels will find activities almost unlimited seasonal adventure and recreation awaiting them:
  • Golfing
  • Fly fishing
  • Scuba diving*
  • Sailing and water sports
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Tennis
  • Tubing
  • Snowmobiles
  • Ziplines
  • Skiing
*The resort offers special access to “The Crater,” a geothermal spring equipped for scuba diving, swimming, and more — just a three minute walk or 30 second shuttle ride from your luxury room.
"Life In Full" Retreat Itinerary
Over the hill” is the best place to be -- and entirely the wrong cliché to describe this exciting time in our lives! 
The “Life in Full” retreat bundle includes the Eyre’s seminar to maximize longevity and legacy for those in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. The three-day event, based on their newest book, written especially for Baby Boomers, will help you discover how much more influence you can have over the number and quality of the years ahead, even in the autumn of life.
Day 1: Kickoff and Introductions
  • Facts about Baby Boomers
  • Is 65 the new 45?
  • Correcting bad metaphors about aging
  • Handicaps, senior discounts, and medical miracles
  • Subdividing life and categorizing goals
  • Examples of longevity goals
  • Questions we can actually control, like how long you want to live
Day 2: The Inner
  • All about our inner lives
  • Family relationships: empty-nest parenting, grandparenting, extended family
  • Falling in love again (with the same person)
  • Reconciliation
  • Life Balance, and what it means now
Day 3: The Outer
  • All about our outer lives
  • Finances, investment, and the concept of “enough”
  • Finding our cause
  • Contrasting models for work and retirement
  • Will our generation save the world?
  • Why attitude and gratitude matters
Day 4: The Inner-Inner
  • All about our internal lives
  • Breaking and forming habits
Health, diet, discipline, and the wonder of appetites
  • Character and the BF program
  • Writing your legacy
  • The role of faith
  • Putting it all together
Your All-inclusive Package
The “Life in Full” retreat at Zermatt Utah is a rare opportunity to experience recreation in a beautiful setting, while you also work at the re-creation of yourself. You’ll get all of these amenities included in the all-inclusive fee:
  • Richard and Linda’s seminar. Learn about Character, Health, Wealth, Spirituality, and Family Relationships. The seminar includes free copies of the Eyres’ four latest books to plan your upcoming glorious years, and key takeaways on how to make lasting changes in the way you live to maximize your fulfillment.
  • New connections. Exclusive, one-on-one time with the coauthors, and the chance to mingle with other like-minded Baby Boomers. You will meet and adventure with a diverse spread of fellow 50-, 60-, and 70-somethings who view this stage as the prime of their lives.
  • Transportation. Transport from/to Salt Lake City International Airport; free shuttles to most activities.
  • Fine dining. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner await onsite at the Bakery at Zermatt, the Wildfire Smokehaus, and Z’s Steak and Chop Haus, as well as special banquet events. All meals are included.
  • Spa treatment, fitness, and relaxation. The Zermatt resort features a full-service spa with various massage packages, manicure and pedicure treatments, body scrubs and wraps, facials and waxing. And with a fitness center and pool-hot tub combo complete with a waterfall and sky mosaic that changes throughout the day, you won’t have to go far to find deep relaxation. One free spa treatment is included.
  • High adventure. In between your sessions with the Eyres, explore the outdoors like never before. In the summer, take a hot air balloon tour of the area, rent a four-wheeler to explore the forest, or enjoy quiet time fly-fishing or golfing with new friends. In the winter, the Zermatt resort provides access to skiing, snowmobiles, and nearby ice castles. One free adventure experience is included.
  • Four days, three nights in one of the gorgeous rooms in Zermatt Utah’s four-star hotel. Just the right ambience to make you feel right at home and in vacation mode at the same time.
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